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Web Design 2004

Welcome to Web Design.  Or, rather, welcome to The Buras Web Design & Research Group.  You are the group’s first employees (more on that later), because this is the first time Web Design is offered at Buras High School.  This class will be different than any class you have taken.  There are four goals that will be accomplished by the year’s end:

1. You will become a better writer.  (This course will demand that you write a lot.  If this is a problem you should get out of the class.)
2. You will be able to build professional-looking Web pages.
3. You will learn how to conduct accurate research.
4. You will leave this class ready for college.

This class will not be conducted like a normal high school course.  Because of this, maturity is needed from you at all times.  Again, if you can’t handle this, please contact Mrs. Cook to be removed from the roster.  This class will be conducted like a business.  Our business’s name is: The Buras Web Design & Research Group.  You are the employees.  I am the boss.  (A word of advice: You should always try to please your boss, even if you don’t like him, his ideas, or his assignments. (ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE THE BOSS HAPPY.)

Because this course will be conducted like a business, the grading rules will be slightly altered.  Only ‘A’s, ‘C’s, and ‘F’s will be given.  An ‘A’ will be given to “excellent work; a ‘C’ will be given to “average” work; and,  “F’s will be given for “poor” or “unsuccessful” work.  In the real world, people are fired for “poor” or “unsuccessful” work.  However, the reverse is also true, people are promoted for accomplishing excellent work.  The sooner you learn this lesson in life, the better.  Like in the business world, excellent work will always be rewarded.

Here are some of the class rules and procedures that you need to follow and remember.  In fact, they will serve as our company rules.

The Buras Web Design & Research Group
Business policies and procedures:

1. Be to work on time.  People who are late to work get fired.  If you are late to class at any time, you will not be allowed to work that day – and you will receive an ‘F’ for the day.
2. Act and dress like a professional (shirttails in at all times).  Also, do not wear stickers on your clothing.
3. Talk professionally (no Ebonics, slang, or inappropriate language).  Think of this class as a business – not a social event.
4. Never lie, cheat, or steal.  If evidence shows beyond a reasonable suspicion that you have lied, cheated, or stolen in this class, you will be fired (removed from the class).  Remember: Plagiarism is cheating and stealing.
5. Do not ask to leave work for petty reasons.  Professional people do not waste time while at work. Examples of petty reasons to leave class: Bathroom, forgot something in locker, need to talk to a teacher, need to do work for another class, need to call home, etc.
6. Do not waste time.  In the business world, time is money.  You should always have something to do in this class.  Always!  Your boss says, “Projects are never finished.  The only reason they end is because of deadlines! Projects can always be improved.”
7. If you have a concern or complaint, you need to put it in writing and submit it to your boss.  You need to be respectful when doing this.  For example: You are late to work one day and you are not allowed to log on to a computer.  You think this is unfair and are mad.  You take out your frustration on a coworker or the boss.  DON’T DO THIS.  Submit all complaints – about the boss, coworkers, etc. – in writing.
8. If you have a problem working with anyone in this class, you have to be professional about it. In the real world you will not like everyone you work with – you have to pretend like you do.  People have to do this all the time.

Reflection Fridays: Every Friday you will have to submit a typed progress report to your boss.  These reports will keep me up to date on your involvement in the projects.  They will also help your boss assess your dedication and commitment in making The Buras Web Design & Research Group a successful company.  You need to follow the following format.  Your report should never be longer than one typed page.  Single space all Reflection Friday Reports.

he Buras Web Design & Research Group
Interoffice Memorandum

Date: -------
Project name: ---------
To: Mr. Hoyle
From: --------

Project Assessment:  (Here you should discuss how the project is unfolding. You should talk about your role in the project and what you have accomplished so far.)

Project Ideas: (Here you should discuss ideas you have for making the project better.)

Project Concerns: (Here you should address any concerns you have about the current project.  Please be honest.)

Miscellaneous: (Here you can voice any ideas you have about the class, project, etc.)

Respectfully submitted,
Your name

he Buras Web Design & Research Group Projects

The Buras Web Design & Research Group will work on four projects this year – one per nine weeks.  Here are the first semester projects:
1. Redesign the
Buras High School homepage.
2. Design a Web page that will educate the Plaquemines Parish community about wetland loss and coastal erosion.

Instructions for redesigning the Buras Homepage:

The class will be divided into two teams.  These teams will compete with each other for the job of creating the “Official Buras High School Homepage.”  The team that wins this competition will lead the launching of the new Website.  The team that looses will work with the winning team to build the homepage.  What to do when you are divided into groups:
1. You have eight days to submit a detailed plan for the new Buras Homepage.  You will present these plans on August 25 through 27. Be ready on the 25th – no exceptions!
2. Presentations must last 1 and 1/2 hours each.
3. Each team should elect a Team-Lead (a leader.)  You should also have a Team-Manager (a second in command).
4. You should present a detailed report on the failings and successes of the current Buras Homepage.  This means you must critique the Homepage to assess its bad and good qualities.
5. You should give PowerPoint on the specific content that you plan to incorporate in the Buras Homepage.  Be very specific (examples: What colors will you use? What fonts? What images? How will you deal with the athletic teams?  How will you deal with the administration?  How will you include the elementary?  Will you give teacher bios?  What about the history of the school?)
6. You will present a mock anchor page (the first page of the Buras Homepage).  This will be created in FrontPage.  No instructions from your boss will be given to you about how to use FrontPage.
7. Since this class will be made up of 13 students, you must in the PowerPoint indicate how the various tasks will be assigned.  You do not need to assign tasks to specific people. However, you need to divide the workload up evenly among 13 people.
8. The Team-Lead and the Team-Manager cannot do all of the talking during the presentations.
9. Be creative when you come up with ideas.  Basically, the winners will be based on the best overall design scheme.
10. On August 30 work on the Buras High School Homepage will begin.  The Webpage must be up and running by October 1.
11. Here is a list of innovative Websites that you should consult. Many cannot be accessed from school. Please look at all of them at home: , , , ,  (or ,   


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